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Thank you for visiting the "Healthcare Professionals" section. Undoubtedly, you have come into contact with some, if not many chiropractors over the years. Your experiences may vary from one chiropractic doctor to the next. This section will help you understand what you and your patients can expect when coming to the Winchester Hospital Chiropractic Center.

Chiropractic medicine is becoming an integrated part of mainstream healthcare. There are approximately 190 million visits to chiropractic physicians each year¹. Orthopedists, neurologists and primary care physicians are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of chiropractic care for their patients. One recent survey of family physicians found that two thirds of medical physicians felt "moderately" or "very" informed about chiropractic medicine. Furthermore, 65 % admitted referring patients to chiropractors and 98% of chiropractors made routine referrals to medical physicians². More and more chiropractors are joining the staffs at area hospitals. They are communicating with medical doctors via patient reports and phone calls, incorporating outcome assessment and designing treatment plans with a clear beginning, middle and end. The chiropractic Center at Winchester Hospital is one of many hospitals now leading this front.  >> more

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Doctors Zohn, Kane and Henrickson have spoken and lectured to various medical groups and speciality practices over the past 15 years. The Questions for Healthcare Professionals page lists of some of the questions we have been asked during these presentations. Yes, some of them are bizarre.